The "Just Because" Challenge That Isn't Really a Challenge Challenge

Yep. That's actually what this "challenge" is called at Moxie Fab World. For those of you who know the challenge, it's pretty obvious to see which pic I got my inspiration from. For everyone else, here it is:

It wasn't too hard to find matching colors in my paper stash, since yesterday I organized the craft room! I love saving scraps, so I finally got 12x12 clear storage containers, one for each color. Speaking of scraps, the tree on my card is saved from when I made this card in April! I cut 2, one with more detail (that's the one I ended up using), and could not bear to throw out the simpler tree. I'm glad I saved it! Here it is:

1 comment:

Mary @ stylefyles said...

That card is beautiful! Nice work!

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