first Christmas card of the season!

I usually don't start my Christmas cards until late late October, but I was really excited about some great stamps that DRS Designs recently sent me. Using the Simple Berry Branch, Small Merry Christmas, and Large Original Plaid, I made this:

I stamped the purple base card with the Plaid, but just left it as vertical stripes- it's a very versatile stamp! To add color to the berry branch, I embroidered little french knots (my favorite!) in 2 shades of red to match the sentiment. The stamping on the ornament is all embossed, to give it a nice shine. Lastly, I threaded the black ribbon through silver eyelets punched in the top layer.


LollyChops said...

What an awesome way to use those eyelets! I have never seen anything like that before! It's brilliant!

Sue said...

Wonderful card!! I love the detail of the french knots! Such a wonderful combination of simplicity and detail!

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