Embellish Tape Challenge

I was so glad that I had time yesterday to make a card for a challenge.  I've been EXTREMELY busy these past few weeks getting ready for school concerts.  The kiddos at one school had their concert on Tuesday, and the other school's is next Thursday!  After that I have 3 more concerts and 2 moving-up ceremonies (through May and June)...then summer vacation!  This is always a hectic time of year, especially with grad school (which will be full-time come July).

Sorry for all of that....I just want you to be updated on everything :)

So anyway, here's my entry for Embellish Magazine- which is heavily inspired by Julie's card here.

(update: in response to Laura's question, yes, that is in fact a washi tape heart!  I placed some tape on a piece of cardstock, punched out the heart, then peeled the tape away from the paper so I could add it to my card!)

In other news, my brother and sister-in-law are visiting this weekend! Yay!


Laura B. said...

Love! Is that a washi tape heart? Do tell!

Wida said...

how much do I love this card? SO SO much. it's so fun! that tiger is cute too. how did you cut his tail so perfectly.

Sarah said...

Eeek! This turned out so cute! I have some pieces inspired by Julie and the tape I bought at CKC on my desk ready to photograph, but I don't think they're nearly this darling.

sentsue said...

Great use of the tape. Love the little heart. Thanks for sharing.

Cristina said...

Ack! The heart! The heart! Love it so much!

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