2S4Y Kazan's 51

Okay this is it- the last Mother's Day card. And this one is actually for my mom. The layout is from 2S4Y, and since the sketch was simple, I decided to keep my card really simple.


Caardvarks Monochromatic

I know what you're thinking- another Mother's Day card?!? This one just says "Mom," so it can be used at any time of year. I made this card for the Caardvarks challenge of making a monochromatic card. I enjoyed working with the different shades of green, and added the white just to offset it.


One more Mother's Day card

This morning I made another Mother's Day card- with my mother, in-law, grandparents, etc, I feel like I have so many people to make cards for! Since I currently lack a mother's day stamp, I printed the sentiment onto cardstock.


CPS 163- Thanks!

For this week's CPS challenge, I used the layout provided to make a Thank You card. Here is my interpretation of the sketch:

Christening Card

This weekend Dave and I are visiting my family in Long Island for my cousin Joey's christening. I'm excited to see everyone, especially my grandparents who flew in from Florida! Here's the card I made for him (looks familiar, huh?). It was super quick to make!

Happy Birthday Emma!

For my cousin's 2nd birthday, I made her a card I hope she loves- full of sparkle!


Mother's Day (x3!!)

I have been sick the past few days (luckily, I'm finally starting to feel better!) so I have been spending my time on Mother's Day cards. The first one is for the Compose a Card with Becky Challenge.
Although not perfect, I think that's some of the straightest machine stitching I've ever done! I made the flower using a tutorial found here. I suggest you try- it was sooo easy! Pretty much fool-proof.

The next card (well, cards) I did using an image of birds I made for my die cutter. I think I like the one on the right better!

Lastly, I have a super simple card that I made using a sketch from Go-To Sketches. My husband, Dave, helped by running the circles through the sticker machine- thanks hun!


colourQ #27

This week's challenge colors inspired me to make a masculine card. Cards for men are difficult, aren't they!? Last night I spent a bunch of time editing a tree on my computer to die cut (for a card in this post), and not wanting that time to go to waste, cut out another for my card today. It was fun to see how the image could be used in both a feminine or a masculine way. Here's what I came up with:

I didn't have a "suede" colored cardstock, so I used a tan color and rubbed on some brown ink with a paper towel. It's really hard to see in the photo, but it did give it a suede-like appearance!

Mojo Mon 133

My husband and I are in a rush to get to breakfast, so this'll be a quick post:

Black, White, and Green

I was sooo excited about this challenge. Becky at Hemidemisemiquaver Design Blog has made another beautiful inspiration for her Compose a Card Challenge. I chose to use the black/white/green combo, as seen in this picture of her daughter.
I was not only inspired by the colors, but by the tree as well! After I die-cut the tree and adhered it to my card, I sewed on the leaves with embroidery floss to give it some dimension. I did not have black and white ribbon, so I substituted white lace trim layered over satin black ribbon.


CPS 161...howdy!

I really enjoyed the sketch this week from CPS....I think I'll definitely be using this layout again in the future!

I'm not sure why, but I always get excited when I use my corner rounder punch!

2S4Y 49 (Laura's)

So it's that time of year for Mother's Day cards...I'll probably be making a bunch of them in the coming weeks. My first one is for 2S4Y's challenge:

I hand embroidered the flowers, then also used floss across the top. Looking at it now though, I wish I used different colors-blue/green isn't the most feminine thing for Mother's Day!


Wishing You....

I think this card took me longer to assemble than any other I have ever made! It was difficult to
engineer because of the moving part. I will try to explain it as best as I can:

I figured out the mechanics by doing the card in computer paper first- it was the best way to get the dimensions right without sacrificing precious cardstock. The card base is 5.5"x5.5" and the "wheel" is about 4.25" in diameter. One that was all established, I cut the pieces and began to assemble (at this point I also cut out the cloud, raindrops, and rainbow-which I painted with watercolors).

I attached the wheel to the teal cardstock with a loosely set eyelet in the center (to allow it to rotate). I added the left edge of the rainbow to the circle with double sided adhesive, then got to work on the light blueish top layer. On the left hand side-under where the cloud is- I used a craft knife to cut a horizontal slit to accommodate the rainbow. I slipped in the right end of the rainbow, then attached the blue top layer to the teal beneath it.

The rest is pretty self explanatory. Here is the result (by the way...the wheel turns into a sun as it is rotated!):

I submitted the card to this week's CARDs Blog challenge


Up, Up and Away! CPS #160

For the CPS sketch this week, I decided to make a more graphic-style card. For the superhero, I printed a bunch of comic book action words, then die cut the shape. I mounted it onto a crimped cardstock circle for texture, then finished off the card with the sentiment and some embroidery floss.


Compose a Card 7

This week's Compose a Card with Becky design challenge was certainly tricky, and I ended up fudging the rules a bit- I've been feeling sick a few days, and did not feel like going out to purchase some black felt-sorry! (btw, I cannot stand how felt feels. I don't know why, but I just don't like touching it!).
In lieu of the black felt, I used a white felt flourish sticker, and stayed with a bird motif like Becky had. The design recipe only mentioned "patterned paper," and I assumed that since no color was specified, I could choose what I like (good thing too, because I don't have much orange on hand either!). The result is something that does not look much like her sketch intended....oops!
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