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Hey there, folks!

Just wanted to share a doll I sewed on Saturday with my new dies from Clear and Simple Stamps.  I was thrilled to have a few hours that were not consumed by homework! (by the way, I'm in my last week of classes...thank goodness! Then next week I have my comprehensive exams, and projects are due mid-August- the end is in sight!)

Awww....now my other doll has a friend! The fabric that I used is from CSS too- it's limited edition, and was being offered with the dies.  They only have a few left, so go for it if you're interested!

That's all for me right now, but I hope to post again soon.... :)


Tutorial: salt & pepper

I love this card I made with some of the newer sets from Clear and Simple Stamps.  As an accent, I created a little banner to go around the sentiment. Here's how I did it:

  • Stamp or draw a banner onto scrap paper, and put a pin in each corner.  Since this is a simple shape, you can just use the pins- but if you were using a more intricate design, having it on paper first will help you with pin placement!

  • Cut a thin strip of paper or cardstock (or use a strip of quilling paper), and start forming it around the pins.

  • When you get to the end, use a dab of glue to adhere the ends together- make sure to pull the strip firmly before gluing so that your shape is not warped

  • Trim off the end

  • Sorry for the color change! I realized half-way through that I wanted to use coral instead of white, so I switched it out :)  I carefully placed my banner onto a piece of clear tape- this will help keep it's shape.

(sorry for my gross finger splint)

  • Trim the tape so you are not working with a huge piece.  Adhere little dots of liquid glue all around your banner (look carefully to the pic below, and you'll be able to see the little dots)

  • Place the banner onto your project, and gently peel off the tape.  I used clear tape so that I could see through it while adhering.

...and that's it!

Thank you so much for visiting!

My Utility Belt (tools I use often!)



Hey all!!

My lovely assistant, random.org, just selected a winner for the Stamping Royalty blog hop...

Jingle said...
Your card is fabulous! Love the black! As for tv... I really like How I Met Your Mother. I don't know if it's my favorite, but I can't really say I have a complete favorite at the moment.

Congrats, Jingle!  Please email me (ourchangeofart@gmail.com) to claim your prize!  If you didn't win, don't feel bad- all of the Stamping Royalty blog hop participants are posting their winners today...maybe you're a winner somewhere else!!

I LOVED reading about everyone's favorite TV shows...I feel like I have to start watching them now! I don't watch all that much television, since my husband and I got rid of cable 2 years ago. But when we do watch, it's usually on streaming Netflix :)


It's a Party!

...and you're invited!

For todays Clear and Simple Stamps party hop, I made an invitation and favor for a fun BBQ party:

I got the idea for grey base + white ink + colored accents from Jessica Witty. She's fab!

I sure hope you plan to stop by the other designers...they have parties for you today too :)
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