Release in Review: Foodie Fun

Good morning!

This week the Clear and Simple Stamps design team is reviewing the latest collection release, and today we are focusing on the Foodie Fun series!

I made a card with a fun parachuting hamburger (didn't think I'd say that, did you?!?), and a gift box that looks like fries.

I crimped the paper to look more like french fries, but it also serves as great padding for whatever small gift ends up in it.

I hope you like it!  Elena and CSS are also posting, so it would be great if you could visit them. Thanks, and have a great Monday!

My Utility Belt (tools I use often!)


  1. This is the coolest birthday card! Hamburger falling with a parachute!! Love the textured sky, and love the colors in this card!

  2. that is AWESOME. You are so clever and fun!

  3. Goodness! These are darling! What a fun card, and those "fries" as cushioning for a gift--darn clever. These are great. Bev

  4. I love that cute parachuting hamburger...how adorable is that! :) What a great idea! I love the "french fries" too!


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