Guest Post and Video!

Today I have a guest post up over at Simon Says Stamp, along with a fun video!  I hope you will go check it out!  Here's a little sneak of what's over there....



Good morning!  I am in LOVE with the dress in this week's inspiration for the Runway Inspired Challenge.  I wish I owned it...I would wear it to dinner with my husband tonight (it's our 8th anniversary!! woohoo!)

source: style.com

I focused on the soft colors that are scattered on her dress.  I was so excited to use one of my new stencils- no, I didn't buy them- Emily (who often plays along with RIC) made them and was kind enough to send them to me!  Thanks so much Emily!!

I don't have embossing paste yet, so I used the stencil with regular acrylic paint.  I first laid down white, then used an old gift card (real high-tech tool, eh?) to swirl on some pastel colors, focusing on the lower half of the card.  Things sure got messy, and I wasn't confident that it worked until I pulled off the stencil. Success!!

(I hope you don't mind that my cards have been more artsy recently!)

There is a lot of amazing inspiration from my team today...

Guest Designer - Charlene Bopp
Virginia - Yes, Virginia...
Tasnim Ahmed - Cards & Bookmarks
Pamela Ho - miao
Joni Andaya - Papell with Love

Thank you so much for visiting!


Gradient Glitter Tutorial Video

Sometimes I love sharing my professional side, and sometimes I love to share when I make mistakes.  This is kind of both!!

I made a technique video which resulted in a color theory faux pas (I thought that I could be bold with my color choices, but that decision came around to bite me in the butt!).  Instead of re-shooting, I'm showing you the original video.  Maybe it'll help you realize that everyone makes mistakes, but hopefully you'll still leave having learned a trick or two.

Watch the video below, or in HD on YouTube

Here's the new and improved card....you'll have to watch the video to see the dud!! :)



Before I get to my Runway Inspired Challenge card, a bunch of you emailed me to ask about how I did my new blog design...I'll try to explain as clearly as possible:

  • I got out my trusty watercolor set and painted some blobs (ahh...there's that word again)
  • I scanned the blobs, and cleaned up the image (I basically just had to remove the background to make it perfectly white, and get rid of a few stray flecks of junk that were apparently on the scanner bed)
  • To write all of the words (in my signature sloppy handwriting, haha!) I used my iPad and the Adobe Ideas app.  I like this app because it exports as large vector PDFs.
  • Once I had the watercolor background and all of the words imported, I used Photoshop to make the banner and buttons.
Phew!  Honestly though, it was quite easy and didn't take more than an hour from start to finish (including the actual installation!)  

Now, onto the Runway...

source: style.com

Since the chick in the photo had an umbrella, it made me think of rain.  I tried to mimic water on the card with some saturated blue tones...I love the simple sentiment on top of the busy background :)

This week we are introducing 3 new Design Team Members!!  Please visit everyone below to see what they made, and I hope you play along with our challenge. There is a Simon Says Stamp gift card up for grabs!

Virginia Lu - Yes, Virginia...
Pamela Ho - miao
Tasnim Ahmed - Cards & Bookmarks
Aga will be fashionably late, and joining us later in the week :)


A Moxie Fab Day

Just popping in to let you know I have a guest post up over at the Moxie Fab World today...and here's a sneak of one of the pics you'll find over there!


first post of the new year!!

Hello folks!  I'm cooped up inside today due to the snowstorm that's hitting the Northeast...SO happy that school was cancelled for today and tomorrow!  I do NOT want to be out on the roads, since I don't trust any of the crazies out there :)

A few of you have emailed me asking for more info about the card below, which I posted last week:

Sorry I didn't explain how I made it, but I was getting frustrated because I was posting from my iPad.  The GORGEOUS die is the Leaf Pattern Cover-Up die from Lil' Inker - and of course I had to mail this card to Miss Lil' Inker herself, Laura Pryor. 

I used a sheet of double sided adhesive (from Clear and Simple Stamps), sticky side up, and carefully placed the die cut on top.  I trimmed it around the edges, then sprinkled on some glitter.  I tried to do a gradient of color by adding the glitter in stages.  I used it sparingly, because the excess would not be able to go back into the tubes since the colors mixed.  No need to waste a bunch here!

Once it was sufficiently glitterized, I peeled of the backing and stuck it onto a card base.  I can't wait to try this technique again soon!

One more thing before I go...a new year calls for a new signature (and yes, I know it's huge. I like it!).  Susan Opel gave me the nickname of "JRza" a while back, and quite a few of you call me that! I love it, so it has become my new signature.  I'm also considering changing my header....

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