Before I get to my Runway Inspired Challenge card, a bunch of you emailed me to ask about how I did my new blog design...I'll try to explain as clearly as possible:

  • I got out my trusty watercolor set and painted some blobs (ahh...there's that word again)
  • I scanned the blobs, and cleaned up the image (I basically just had to remove the background to make it perfectly white, and get rid of a few stray flecks of junk that were apparently on the scanner bed)
  • To write all of the words (in my signature sloppy handwriting, haha!) I used my iPad and the Adobe Ideas app.  I like this app because it exports as large vector PDFs.
  • Once I had the watercolor background and all of the words imported, I used Photoshop to make the banner and buttons.
Phew!  Honestly though, it was quite easy and didn't take more than an hour from start to finish (including the actual installation!)  

Now, onto the Runway...

source: style.com

Since the chick in the photo had an umbrella, it made me think of rain.  I tried to mimic water on the card with some saturated blue tones...I love the simple sentiment on top of the busy background :)

This week we are introducing 3 new Design Team Members!!  Please visit everyone below to see what they made, and I hope you play along with our challenge. There is a Simon Says Stamp gift card up for grabs!

Virginia Lu - Yes, Virginia...
Pamela Ho - miao
Tasnim Ahmed - Cards & Bookmarks
Aga will be fashionably late, and joining us later in the week :)


  1. Holy wow! This is just incredible, Jen. That background is stunning. Off to pin it!

  2. Wowzers! Gorgeous card...how did you do that? Watercolor? I love your new blog look, too! Fabulous new DT members! Love all around!

  3. You stole the show with this one, Jennifer! No one can beat your water color wonders! Your card made me think of rain and washed out colors :)

  4. A total and complete stunner!! I love how you managed to get so many different hues in this without it becoming one big brown blobby mess!! You are the Queen of Watercolouring!!

    1. Totally would love to see a video for this!!

  5. Awesome...mimic of the rain Jen! So gorgeous!!!

  6. Oh wow Jen, that background is so gorgeous! You've really captured that water effect you were after :-)

  7. AMAZING! Seriously, you are becoming a digi whiz like that Jocelyn character we know. Love how saturated the colors, are this is really fantastic!

  8. You create the most amazing blob....love love this, Jen!

  9. Fabulous web page and that card is incredible. AWESOME take on the challenge.

  10. I dropped everything to come tell you how much I love the background on this card. It looks so much like one of the textiles that would be in one of the RIC inspiration photos. Are you sure you haven't taken up surface design as a hobby? Because you're nailing it with the more artistic designs you've been sharing lately.

  11. Rain. Exactly what I thought when I saw your card over at RIC. Wonderful, emotional card. And WOW to your blog header, etc. So... you!

  12. Your card is gorgeous!!! It's amazing to see how you saturated colors to mimic water. You nailed it!! May

  13. wowza Zen! Loving this! The colors are gorgeous! :)

  14. love the mayhem of colours on this card


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