CSS Tutorial - Sewn Zipper Pouch

Such a cute little pouch, right?  Well, today I'm going to show how to make one, using an unexpected die from Clear and Simple Stamps' Build-a-Rag doll!  If you recall, I recently posted a rag doll I sewed using this die set:

I'm sure you can tell now which die I used...the head!!  Let me take you through the steps- it might look like a lot, but I promise- this project was easy to put together!

  • Step 1:  Gather your supplies. I grabbed 2 cute fabrics, a zipper, and the die:

  • Step 2:  Die cut 2 "heads" from each fabric. I was able to stack them to cut two at a time...try it out with your die cutter to see if you still get a clean cut. If that doesn't work, you can still easily run them through one at a time.
  • Step 3:  Trim one inch off of each die cut piece of fabric. Again, I was able to stack them up to save time

  •  Step 4:  Place the outer piece of fabric right-side up, followed by the zipper face-down, then the lining fabric right-side down.  Pin, and stitch these together.

  •  Step 5:  Iron the seam flat

  •  Step 6:  Just as before, lay outer fabric right-side-up, zipper face-down (the liner fabric that you had sewn on earlier will be on top), then add the lining fabric right-side down.  Pin and stitch.

  •  Step 7:  Iron seam flat, then top-stitch on either side of the zipper

  •  Step 8:  Trim the zipper, if necessary, and open it up half-way.

  •  Step 9:  Pin the two outer pieces of fabric together, as well as the two lining pieces...right-sides facing one another.  The zipper teeth should be pinned towards the lining.  Sew along entire outer edge, leaving about 2 inches open on the lining.  You'll need to back-stitch both sides of this seam to ensure that it won't come undone when turning.

  •  Step 10:  Clip around the corners, then turn to the right side.  

  •  Step 11: Iron, and sew the opening in the lining closed.  I always use a blind stitch when sewing a seam together (you can find a tutorial on that here)


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  1. oh my!! what a super adorable purse! Now I feel like I really should learn how to sow! You are such an all-rounded artist, Jennifer! I am impressed every time I see something other than cards :)

  2. So cute and such a great idea! Love how this turned out!

  3. Shut up! ( I just shoved you like Elaine would from Seinfeld) What a clever eye you have. Love the little coin purse. Adorable fabrics! Love that you could cut two at once. Genius die usage my friend!


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