Handmade Gift Exchange!

Have you ever been to Craftaholics Anonymous? Linda blogs about all things crafty, and twice a year hosts a handmade gift exchange. I decided to participate for the first time, and was paired up with a fellow crafter in the US.

Through email, I discovered that my partner has 3 kids, a loving husband, collects nativities, and loves neutral colors (with a touch of red!). I tried to incorporate all of these into my gift. I started with this card (blogged here):

And although I wouldn't consider myself a sewer, I was brave enough to actually use my sewing machine for fabric (not just paper!) and made her a small pouch. The tutorial was found here, and I figured out how to alter it so I could avoid putting in a zipper- that would have been too scary! I'm quite proud of how it came out :)

Lastly, I made a necklace. I made the pendant from polymer clay, and it was pretty simple to do- if I get a chance one day, I'll write a tutorial on it. I'll bet you didn't know I make jewelry-I pretty much only post paper crafts on this blog, but my first craft love was jewelry! The 5 Swarovsky crystals represent the 5 people in her family.

I'm looking forward to seeing what I receive in the mail from her!!


  1. Oh wow! All of these items are just absolutely gorgeous and so thoughtful! You did a wonderful job and I'm sure she will love everything!


  2. I love the purse and matching necklace! You did an amazing job!

  3. Jennifer,
    WOW!! What lovely gifts! I'd love to see how you made that cool pendant :) Thanks for sharing! I love seeing what everyone made!
    Happy Holidays!
    PS the next gift exchange will be this July. i hope you sign up again!


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