Embellish Crochet Trim

Another last-minute post. I tend to do these a lot- ya know...when I post minutes before a card challenge is due.

I actually have about 40 minutes until the Embellish challenge closes, so that's not tooooo bad. I hope to add a better pic tomorrow :)

The challenge is to use the above colors, as well as incorporate crochet trim. I didn't have any crochet trim, so I made my own by crocheting some embroidery floss. I'm so sorry, but I forgot to save the link to the pattern online. It was fairly easy to create, only using single and double crochets in addition to the chains.

Tough to see in the photo (there will be a close-up sometime tomorrow), but I also used embroidery floss to sew little french knots in the centers of the flowers I cut. Here's the finished card:


  1. Very pretty! Great take on this challenge! I guess you also work well under pressure... : )

  2. gorgeous card, the crochet trim is perfect with the yellow!

  3. Haha. Well, we're happy to have you no matter when you post. Another stunning card! Those yellow flowers are so cheery and fresh.

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it!! Thanks so much for playing along with Embellish!!

  5. Very beautiful card! Love the colors and the flowers!

  6. Beautiful card! I love the dimension and that crochet trim is amazing! Congrats on the Embellish highlight!


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