Inspiration Challenge

I think I just discovered my new favorite thing. Kraft cardstock + white embossing powder + colored pencils!

I made this card for Lily Pad Card's Inspiration Challenge. I was inspired by this AMAZING card. I just love how the reds and white popped on the kraft. I don't have distress inks (which were used in the video at LilyPad), so I used colored pencils.

I did hit one snag along the way- my sloppy coloring got all over the bright white embossing, which dulled it quite a bit. I tried rubbing the color off, erasing it off, using a Q-tip with water (carefully!), and scraping at it with an X-acto knife. The knife worked the best, until I chipped off a section of the embossing.

Does anyone have tips for getting the stray colored pencil off of the embossing powder? I'd love to try this technique again soon!


  1. Wow this card looks amazing. Nice, Simple, Clean and yet so vibrant. Love it.


  2. This beautiful, love how vibrant the flower looks, great job with the coloring too.

  3. This is stunning! I've added it to mine techniques to try list!

  4. Do you use mineral spirits with your colored pencils? I'm not sure if this would work but I use mineral spirits for blending my pencils. It cuts the wax. Maybe it would remove the pencil from the embossing too. I would do a test spot first. I dip a blending stump into the mineral spirit then lightly lift off of the embossing. If need more help or have more questions you can email me at loveaugargem@gmail.com

  5. Go over the embossed parts with a white gel pen. It works well.


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