Giveaway Winner!

Last week, I posted a giveaway for my favorite stamp set from My Thoughts Exactly.  I asked everyone to share- "What was the last thing you ate?"

I can't tell you how much I loved reading the responses!  Every time I got notification of a new comment, I started to crave whatever it was that the commenter wrote about :)

Now onto the winner.  I used the all-powerful random.org to choose the lucky gal....

ulli said...
Hi Jennifer,
the last thing I ate was an apple a peach and a kiwi. It was this morning for breakfast. Now I am sipping the rest of my coffee happy to enter your giveaway!!

Sending love,

By the way, your blog is inspiring and amazing!! Thanks for sharing your work!! really, I am grateful!


Woohoo!  Ulli, please email me at ourchangeofart@gmail.com with your mailing address to claim your prize! (I tried to track down your email address, but could not find it anywhere on your blog/profile).  If I don't hear back within 7 days, I'll have to choose another winner.



  1. Hi Jennifer, Guess what?? You just won!! Check it out here http://thedailymarker.blogspot.com/2012/01/simon-says-has-winner.html

    Congrats!! Can you email me your address to kathyrac@mac.com
    Thanks and a big congrats. Kathy
    P.S. Love your blog :)

  2. Hey Jennifer,

    I emailed you :-)
    So amazing I won!! I can't believe it!!
    Have a great and blessed day!!


  3. Congrats to your winner, and congrats on winning over on The Daily Marker, lucky girl.


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