Relaxing Lotus

Since I'm off from work today, I decided to catch up on some crafting - I'll have a few posts to share today.

This card is inspired from Putu Princess Escape's Etsy shop, for this week's Etsy Inspired Challenge. I chose this shirt below from her shop to lead my card design.

I started by making a die cut from the lotus image in the shirt. I wanted the image to take center stage, so everything else was left really clean and simple. I chose soft colors to go with the relaxing theme. Here's the result:

Haha, I just realized that in the 2nd photo of my card you can see the rotting remains of our Halloween pumpkins. Ooops!


  1. Love love love that die cut lotus ... fabulous Etsy Inspired design.

  2. Wow!I absolutely LOVE your design here!!! The lotus image and sentiment are perfect for each other! Thanks for playing Etsy Inspired challenge this week! Hope to see more of your work!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the die cut flowers for this week's challenge. Your card is SO prefect for this week's shop! You have a great, clean and simple layout and a FAB sentiment! Thanks for playing EIC this week!

  4. Perfect flower for your inspiration piece! Pretty colors and yes, very relaxing!

    Thanks for playing EtsyIsnpired this week!


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