bad news/good news

Bad news:
As you may have already seen, I am not Gallery Idol. :( I really wanted to go on that cruise, too!

Good news:
Cristina is! As I mentioned in my last post, if I was rooting for anyone other than myself, it was her!
I wanted to thank everyone who has inspired me, supported me, and helped me along the way. I've had a wonderful time competing, and it forced me to push my creativity-always a good thing!

More good news:
The other day I got a package from Paper Crafts with a copy of "Card Ideas for Paper Crafters" (formerly Go-To Sketches)- and on page 127 is my very first published card!!! I have 2 more coming soon, and I can't wait to start submitting to more calls.


  1. Ditto to that, Jennifer! It's been fabulous to have been on this creative adventure with you :)
    Congrats on the publication - one of many more to come I'm sure!

  2. super ginormous congrats on the pub!!!!

  3. I am your newest follower. You may not be Gallery Idol, but you are a card making diva! I perused your recent blog posts and your cards are so classy, crisp, and wonderfully designed. I am a fan already :)

  4. All your entries for Gallery Idol were fabulous!! You've made me a follower of your CAS style!!

  5. Congratulations on your first card!! Isn't it so exciting to see your name in print?!?

    And being in the top five out of 1,600 entries isn't too shabby, either! ;)

  6. Congrats on making it to the final 5 Jennifer! Your work was amazing. I think everyone did a great job and you all deserve a bit congrats from us!!

  7. I think it's a pretty big deal that you made it to the Top 5. And I spotted your card right away -- way to work that rainbow floss! I can't wait to see your next published pieces.

  8. There could only be one winner but to me you're all crafting idols...i love your desiigns and ideas :)
    Jenny x

  9. Congrats on being published. Can't wait to see your cards. You were certainly a favorite in the GI contest and while you didn't win the Cruise you accomplished much. I didn't even get in the top 20 but I'll try again next year. You made a new follower out of me with your awesome creations.

  10. So sorry you didn't make it to the end, Jen, but I think you had a fabulous run and a major achievement to go as far as you did. Your work is incredible! Congratulations on that and on being published - another major accomplishment!


  11. Congrats on your pub!!! You totally rocked all the idol challenges! Keep submitting! :-)

  12. Wow ... what a journey huh ...
    Your creations were and are absolutely beautiful and I look forward to seeing you in print ... Congratulations!!!

  13. what wonderful work you had for the gallery--now you can relas and enjoy your impressive journey:) and a big congrats on your first pub!

  14. I loved your party ensemble for the Gallery Idol entry. I did not see it or know about it in time to vote but all of the finalists were great. It would have been a hard choice to make. I love you work and congrats on being published. I was published long ago and I was so happy. I have submitted anything since then. I don't know why. Anyway! You did a great job and you should be so proud.


  15. Jennifer, I'm sorry that you didn't win. I really loved your trio party items! I thought they were fabulous! and the rest of your enteries were equally great!
    Congrats on your publication! I know that must be intoxicating! Congrats!

  16. First - you're awesome. I was completely rooting for you 'cause you're a whole lot of CAS genius rolled into one. Don't fret, your creations made PC stand up and take notice of you. Soon you'll be loading the glossies of their pages with all that you do!


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