Christmas and a Giveaway!

Today I'm sharing 3 holiday cards- the first one is for this month's sketch challenge at the Craft's Meow:

....and the next are inspired by Kristina Werner's Holiday Card Series, days 11 and 12 (I'm working up to 25! Pretty much halfway there....)

...And now for the giveaway!

Do you remember when I was guest blogging at Ella Publishing? Well, they were so kind to offer a chance for one of my readers to win a free eBook! The fabulous book is 31 Thank You Cards.

Here's some more info:

31 Thank You Cards
Try 138 card-making tips, tricks, and tutorials
by Kimber McGray, Heather Nichols, and Kristina Werner

The experts agree: there's no better way to say "thank you" than with a beautiful, hand-crafted greeting card! Card making pros Kristina Werner, Heather Nichols, and Kimber McGray have teamed up to share their best tips for stamping, stitching, designing, heat-embossing, misting, pattern-matching, embellishing—and SO much more!—on 31 gorgeous greeting cards.

About the Authors
Kimber, Heather, and Kristina are all card-makers, stampers, teachers, and paper-crafting enthusiasts who share their expertise via their blogs, published books, design teams, online and in-person classes, and more! They hail from Indiana, Minnesota, and Utah, respectively.

Sounds awesome, right? Well, it is! I was able to check out this eBook, and I love it- there are so many great tricks and tips on each page.

Do you want to win a copy? Please leave a comment on this post and let me know...

Have you ever received a handmade thank you card?

You have until Sunday, November 13th at 11:59pm (ET) to comment. I'll draw the winner sometime Monday or Tuesday!

Thanks, Ella!


  1. well, check out all your fabbie cards...love your take on The Craft's Meow sketch challenge...clean and crisp...love it. Great job on the holiday cards...lovin' the pops of cranberry color! Oooohhh...I love handmade thank you's...I just received one last week!!!

  2. I love your awesome cards!!!! Hope all is well....

  3. Great Cards...fab giveaway!! I have recieved some handmade wonderful thank you cards from my fabulous bloggy friends!!!
    Eva :0)

  4. LOVE LOVE Jen! These cards are fabulous and festive! So fun!

  5. I think these cards are awesome!!!!! I have to say that I have never received a hand made thank you card myself, but I have made and sent many of them. :D They are a great way to show others how special they are to you!

  6. Beautiful cards! I especially love the last one with the white tree on white. LOVE that! :D

  7. Oh, your version of Day 12 is so fabulous. Who knew Christmas looked so good in a black and white pinstripe?

  8. I HAVE received a hand made thank you card. My wonderful friend Carole sends them to me, and my niece has sent me a couple. I LOVE them. They mean so much more than store bought... sharon dot gullikson at gmail dot com

  9. Gorgeous cards. Love them esp. the Crafty Meow sketch card. Thanks for giving a chance to win too.

  10. Your cards are wonderful!! I receive handmade ty cards from my sil who does beautiful stamping, but my fav ones are hand drawn ones from the grandkids:-)
    jejaeb at cfl dot rr dot com

  11. Kristina is one of my favourite designers and it's great to see your take on her cards. I love your 'day 12' card - great to see you using the technique in a fresh way :)

    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of '31 thank you cards' - it will be an absolute treat.

    I'm usually the one sending out the handmade cards - thank you ones included - so no, I am yet to receive a handmade thank you card :)


  12. I would love to have this book because thank you cards are what I usually end up making the most of. I love to receive handmade thank you cards and I just got one in the mail this week!!

  13. Great cards! And, yes, I have received a handmade Thank You card. Those are the best! I'm giving away an e-book as wellon my blog if you're interested!

  14. Great cards! I received one homemade thank you card but it was from a set of thank you cards that I made and gave to my niece for her wedding shower! : )

    nanettemt at yahoo dot com

  15. I have received handmade thank you cards from my grandchildren. Original artwork all -- and definitely priceless.

  16. Just found you through the Craft's Meow Facebook page.
    I have received handmade Christmas cards, but never a handmade thank you card.

  17. I love the beauty and simplicity of your cards, Jennifer. I have recieved a handmade thank you card. I have a sister who also makes cards, I recieved one from her. I LOVE getting handmade cards in the mail!

  18. Beautiful cards and some great ideas. Yes, I have received a homemade thank you card from my sister, and I'm the one who got her interested in cardmaking. Would love to win the free eBook, 31 Thank You Cards, as saw it mentioned on Kristina's blog but I was too cheap to buy it. : (

  19. Great cards!! I received one a couple of weeks, from a new friend that i introduced card making to.

  20. Well, yes! I have received homemade thank you cards - and isn't it a good thing?!?

  21. Yes I have received a hand made thank you card, but I really enjoy sending them even more.

  22. Fabulous array of cards Jen, love them all!
    No, not a thank you card, but birthday and Christmas cards I have! OMG, maybe I had better send out some RAK thank you's!!!

  23. All your cards are fantastic! Thanks for sharing! Yes I have received an awesome thank you card from a co worker!!

    ilovetonkinese2 at hotmail dot com

  24. What a great giveaway!! I'd love to win a copy! I bet there is some fabulous cards and lots of inspiration in it!

    Love your cards! Beautiful work!

  25. Sweet simplicity at its best! Love love love!!! Thanks so much for playing in The Craft's Meow Sketch Challenge!



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