Make it Mondays and a question

Hey there!

Before I share my card for this week's Make it Monday, don't forget you have until tonight to enter my giveaway!

The challenge this week is reverse applique. Such a fun technique, and I love having another excuse to make a card with a negative die cut! (are you with me, Sarah, Cristina and Laura?)

Can you recognize where that ornament hanger stamp came from? It's from this PTI set!

---Update---- Someone asked what die I used....it's this one from, Memory Box.

One last thing: Over the weekend, I got my first DSLR camera. (woohoo!) I didn't buy it for blog pics, but since I have it, I might as well use it, you know? The pictures above were taken with the new camera, and I definitely think they look better than the old ones. But getting a nicer camera does not make one a better photograper.

Although I understand how the manual settings work (aperture, shutter speed, iso, etc), there are a million different ways to take a picture of a card.

So here's my question: If any of you use a nice camera and a light tent to take your card photos, what settings do you use? I'd love to try out different things to learn how to make my blog pics really nice :)


  1. Love your aperture bauble and the colours you've used. x

  2. Fun card and you're so good with the negative die cuts... must channel you one of these days. Oh I so need a light tent, I have a very old school set up... but I tend to use the close up setting on my SLR.

  3. Hey I consider you up there with the likes of Christina and Laurie with your fab aperture cards too!
    Love this one and a genius stamp to use as the hanger as well :)

    I have a DSLR and light tent and use an aperture of about 6.3 and ISO 400 for my card photos. They are not too bad but I'm unsure if I edit them correctly i.e size and quality of image and then of course blogger seems to blur them further!!
    I'll watch these post with interest!
    Jenny x

  4. This is so fun Jen! I love the colors!

    I am terrible about educating myself on my camera and manual! I use a preset setting and then photoshop the rest!

  5. Oh man! so pretty, I love the green....congrats on your Camera!

  6. I'm a sucker for a negative die cut - your card sums up why perfectly! Fabulous CAS style combined with a fabulous use of a non-holiday stamp set and awesome colour combo!
    Wish I could help with the camera but I just use a point and shoot - getting myself a photo tent soon though!
    P.S Posted some li'l tags your way last week - let me know if they reach ya! ;D

  7. LOVE this....awesome card...and a big woo hooo on the new camera!!!! Sorry, I use a cheapie point and shoot:)

  8. This card is beautiful, you always do negative die cuts so well! When I get some dies, I will sneak back here to see how it is done. :-)

    As for the camera. I have a DSLR and I just use the pre-set "no flash" setting to take my card photos and then use Picnic (in Picasa) to edit before publishing. My photos aren't great though, so I will watch for other people's answers, and maybe one day make the effort to check the manual for better settings. ;-)

  9. Great card, I really love the shape of the ornament what punch/die did you use?

  10. So on board with negative die cuts...

    You're using a tripod (or something sturdy as a tripod) already, right? Then I suggest playing with Aperture Priority mode to find the aperture you like best for your card photos. Make sure the ISO is low, then let the camera take care of the shutter speed.

  11. I LOVE this card!

    I use ISO400, F6.3, and 1/40sec. I have a homemade light box :)


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