DT Thursday

Happy Thursday!  Today is my last day of work before Winter Vacation...sweet!

Today is also DT Thursday at My Thoughts Exactly.  I'm using the Holly Jolly Phrases:

I love that these teeny sentiments can fit in small places, like the cutout in my card below (which was TOTALLY stolen from Cristina!)

....and I also had some time to make a tag, which is reminiscent of the card I posted a few hours ago.  I LOVE those fun stripes of glitter!

(thanks again, Aimes, for those tags!)

Be sure to visit Jessica too, to see what she did with MTE stamps!

Do you ever wonder how I keep non-card items like tags standing up when I photograph them?  


Well, I'll show you anyway.  I've been using this "method" for about a year now:

Haha...trusty ol' Sonic is always by my side :)


  1. Good to see little Sonic man is doing his job..lol
    what kind of light do you use when you take your pictures? I am looking and curious what crafters are using..

    Love your tag and super cute cute card...

  2. Hee. Love that Sonic confession. And that glitter tag! Wowza. (Thanks for the CASE, too. You can steal from me anytime. :))

  3. Love your card and tag. hee hee super way to hold up tag. x

  4. You are so funny. Love your little helper...totally crack me up. Love both versions of that first card

  5. Beautiful card and tag, and I love how they stay in place! LOL We all have that kid of little tricks... Hehehe

  6. Omg! You crack me up! Sonic is the coolest and you really show is 'softer' side:) I love you used the jingle bells they look FAB.

  7. Nice glitter stripes! Love 'm. My gf came over to craft weds and she had a copy print out of Kristinas card you made for inspiration. Such a cool card and so Inspirational.


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