I'm about to go out to meet some friends for dinner.

Well, I'm not being completely honest. I'm going to meet friends for a Harry Potter get-together, complete with themed food...

...and I'm dressed like Hermione. hah!

I've never gotten into the Harry Potter movies (or books for that matter). I made it through the first 2, and wasn't all that interested. And now, friends from work organized this whole shindig tonight so that I can watch the 3rd movie, which they claim is the best. I think this is the first step in an attempt to eventually get me caught up with the rest of them.

I'm going along with it because:
1. I like hanging out with my friends
2. I like themed events
3. I like dressing up (if you really want to see something interesting, check out this video that my husband found yesterday of the two of us at New York Comic-Con. So embarrassing to see myself talk on video!)

Now onto the card:
Remember my self-issued challenge to make cards inspired by Kristina's Holiday card series? Well, I'm totally behind. Here's one loosely based on Day 14:

I'll be back tomorrow with the next challenge at OCC!

---edited to add--- I was asked about the ribbon on this card. I got it at Michael's- it is the "celebrate it" brand of basic satin ribbon.


  1. As a Potter fan, I hope you enjoy the evening!! I prefer movie 5, but you do need to watch 3 and 4 before that so, I can understand your friends ;)

    Your Joy card is wonderful! I am in love with that ribbon color (want to share what ribbon it is?). I have a hard time using pattern paper, so I'll favorite this for later inspiration.

  2. LOVE this card Jen! The bow, the patterned paper and the JOY sentiment equals a great card!

    Love HP! I didn't used to though, kinda thought it was dorky. I changed my mind when I got past the third one. Have fun!

    Your video was super fun to watch! I LOVE how you both put together great costumes for so little, how fun!

  3. Love your card, and I enjoy the video. How cool. I think dressing up and going to theme parties is really fun.I would totally do it too, if it wasn't so hard to get a babysitter.

  4. This is a gorgeous card! And tfs the video!


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