Hello again!

Today I have a card and a project to share.  My card uses this cute little set from SP and Company:

And my project is something I made in December, yet I don't think I ever posted it.  It's not paper, which is probably why.   I sewed a journal cover for a coworker of mine:

...and here's what it looks like on the inside, without the journal.

I used a tutorial I found HERE to make it.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. sweet card. i love your cas style! and that bookcover is perfectly sewn...i can't even thread a needle. love the colors too!

  2. Not only a master of paper and stamps but the master of sewing too!!! I love your card (I think all that green calling to me too!)
    Your journal cover is gorgeous! I love the colour combo and the CAS design of it!

  3. Love your lucky card and ooooohhhh....love the journal cover...excellent!

  4. ADORABLE little shamrock card!!! And your journal cover is AMAZING!!!! I wish I knew how to sew!!!!

  5. Don't be mad at me. I just started from your last post, the 23'd and got to this one and am now leaving a comment. I usually leave comments on all your "art" but I was just enjoying the scrolling tonight on your blog. I didn't think I would do a card for RIC because I can't seem to get an idea. Than I read your take on her shorts, her shoes, etc. Maybe I'll see if I can work it too!
    Love the card for your brother...way, way cool!
    I'm pretty sure I've gushed about your lucky card---just too cute.
    The bike card is so sweet and romantic. I really need a bike stamp. You did a great job with the card. It is just lovely... (congrats on it being 'winning'!!!!)-duh
    And, your thank you card using the bold sentiment...uh, just my personal opinion.... you said you thought you should have used a different color? I think it is a wonderful card. I would say it is just so pretty with it's colors...yellowish, brownish, black and white. Very sharp-- A+

    I hope you don't mind I summed up some of my thoughts in one comment. I just love your cards Jennifer. Love visiting your blog!


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