a thank you card (and other things)

Hello!  Today is my day to post for SP and Company, and I have a card using one of my favorite sentiments from Bold Sentiments I.

After I finished the card, I wished I had used different colors.  Oh well.

Now onto other things.

  • Yesterday, I posted a tutorial on the Hambly Screen Prints Blog for making your own no-sew pincushion.  (I realize now how funny that is....if you are the type of person who likes "no-sew" projects, you probably don't need a pincushion...)  Check it out HERE

  • Early in February, I won my first Hero Arts Contest!  I realize now that I never posted the winning card.  Here it is:

  • Speaking of cards I've made and never posted, here's a card I made for my brother back in September.  It references the amazing game Portal....if you know the game, then you appreciate the outside of the card, and will likely find the inside hilarious.  If you don't know the game, look up the premise HERE:
 This is a "companion cube"



  1. You are so clever... need to pull out that flower set again on the first card... Can't wait to see what you spend your HA $ on.

  2. Love the variety of designs in your cards. Truly fabulous. I adore the HA winning one...so fun!

  3. the cards---fabulous
    the craft project---clever
    your blog journaling---funny
    you SIGNATURE--priceless!

    how does one do that? your handwriting is pretty, maybe you can write my name and send it to me so I can have a fancy signature too?

  4. Oh Jen - Fabulous! Love the pop of color against the white on your first card. Congrats on your HA win on the second!!

  5. awesome cards and congrats on the HA win!!!!!!

  6. Love this Thank You card, Jennifer!

  7. AWESOME!!!!

    OMG! A companion cube, a punny inside - LOVE!!! (As you can probably tell, I'm a huge fan of Portal and Portal 2) I had to run and show my guy your card - he loves it too :D
    Congrats on your HA win too - you're rockin' girlie!
    P.S The cake is a lie....*wink*

  8. haha, my son plays Portal so the brilliance of this card is not lost on me! I love your card and so does my son!!

  9. I meant to tell you this the first time I saw this on your blog but my hubby made a companion cube card too that I posted on my blog YEARS ago! Not as polished as yours but if you want to check it out: http://hearthugsdesigns.blogspot.com/2008/10/unity-wednesday-challenge.html


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