Pax East

Before you get involved with this post, I want to warn you- there are many photos ahead that don't have anything to do with cardmaking.  Leave now if you must :)

I feel like this is well-known, but maybe you are new here: I am a geek.  I love math. I love video games. I love sci-fi. And I love doing dorky things.  More specifically, cosplay. (look it up if that term is new to you...)

This past weekend was Pax East- basically a convention for video games.  My husband and I love to go so we can check out new/not yet released games from big name and indie developers.  And yes, we go in costume.  (completely home-sewn, by the way!)

This year, we dressed up as Gum and Beat, 2 characters from an old Sega Dreamcast game called Jet Set (or Jet Grind) Radio.

This one is Gum:

See the rollerblades?  We wanted our costumes to be as accurate as possible, so we modded out our rollerblades to look like the ones in the game.  Once we got on the convention floor, we put them on, and it was so much fun to skate around!  Sadly, about 2 hours into the day we were walked out by security for being "in violation" of their policies. Grr!  Good thing we had backup shoes, so we were able to go back in and enjoy the rest of the day.

....and here are some of our pictures!
showing Sonic who's boss

This one's for Aimes :)  I'm intimidating GLaDOS from Portal (with Chell)

And since we only had our point and shoot camera with us, the best pictures are ones we found online after the Con.

Yea....basically our "thing" was pretending to spray people with spray paint. We should have come up with more poses!

I've got about a gazillion more pictures and fun things about the convention to share, but I know my papercrafting blog is not the place.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. I love your cosplay posts, Jen! Even if they aren't related to paper-crafting. ;-) You are so, so creative with your costumes, and you always look like you are having massive fun! Thanks for sharing it here. :-)

  2. Oh my word! You guys are hilarious! Looks like you had a hoot! Too funny!

  3. just great, thank you for sharing! you're so creative, well done for the costumes they are awesome. and i love that last pic from Games Radar!

  4. Heeeee!!! Aww Jen I ♥ that you're a geek so much AND that you were brave enough to intimidate GLaDOS (I hope you had some razor-sharp wit and sarcasm with that spray can to hit her where it hurts! LOL!)
    What awesome costumes you made up! Is there no end to your talents?! You and your guy make the perfect Gum and Beat! I'm glad you had a fab day!
    P.S I'd have to go as a GLaDOS as a potato ;D

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  6. Love the costumes, and I agree, love these posts just as much as the paper crafting ones. I envy all your talents (the sewing and the card making)! :)

  7. you 2 look great! looks like a lot of fun. thanks for sharing this!


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