YCU Challenge #9

Today is the 23rd, which means a new challenge at Young Crafters Unite.  The theme this time around is "no coloring allowed."

I don't really ever do coloring on my cards anyway, so this wasn't much of a "challenge" for me....so I decided to go a different route.  

I wanted to make a card that was completely void of color, giving it the look of a coloring book.  I wanted all of you Copic fanatics out there to look at my card and desperately want to color it in!  So I whipped out my outline stamps, and got to work:

Although tough to photograph, there is actually dimension to this card which you can see below:


  1. This is so beautiful...truly amazed !!!

  2. Oh my goodness... this is STUNNING!

  3. Stunner - this is fabulous Jen! Love the blk + wte....

  4. This is great. But I want to add stickles! LOL!

  5. Lovely card and gorgeous buttterfly! What stamps did you use for this card?

  6. Ooh I love the dimension on this! I also love the look of this as a crisp, clean colouring page just making the most of every moment it's void of colour - beautiful!

  7. Jen, this is beautiful! I'm not a Copic fanatic (I don't own even one), but even I am itching to get the colouring pens out to colour that gorgeous butterfly. :-)

  8. That butterfly is AMAZING!!! Very cool card, Jen.


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