Wednesday Wishlist

Yay for Wednesday!

I have a LONG list of stuff I want from Avery Elle...luckily I have been chosen as a guest designer for June! If that release is as awesome as the others, I will be a very happy camper

I told you I wanted a lot from AE!  These awesome dies were designed by my friend JJ- she rocks :)

Gold is definitely in.  Like...really in.  I think I need to get some nice shimmery gold ink!

I adore my lovely ream of Neenah Solar white, but I have never tried their kraft. 

Just awesome! :)

What's on your wishlist this week?


  1. Awesome wish list! Looking forward to seeing what you do for your AE guest posts!!!

  2. Love your wish list...they are mine as well! Excited to see you play AE stamps and goodies :)

  3. I'm with you- the new Avery Elle set is amazing! I'm on a major spending freeze for craft items, but as soon as that's up, I hope to get this set, too! :)

  4. The easier question to answer is what ISN'T on my wish list, lol!!!
    I adore the light floaty feel to your card and the twine just pops right off there!
    Caryn xxx


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