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The Clear and Simple Stamps DT is having another group project day...with a twist! Each member chose their all-time favorite CSS products to incorporate into a fun ensemble.  I'm sure it will come as no surprise when you see what my favorites are. I use them all the time!

I tried to make something a little unexpected, so here's what I came up with:

First, the card:

Pretty simple and straightforward. I selectively inked a longer sentiment to isolate the "for," and of course I used my favorite letter dies to add the "you."  I also used my fave patterned paper, the Everyday Eclectic collection from Echo Park.

Now, what is that little butterfly thing, you ask? (wait- you didn't ask? Let's pretend you did)

It's a magnet!  I die cut some pieces of a cardboardish packing material I had laying around (I'd say it's a bit sturdier than a cereal box, but less sturdy than chipboard) and covered them with paper. I slapped on some magnets, and it was done!

Now, the favor box. I die cut the base of the box twice- once it was the full thing, and once it was only the bottom portion:

As you can see, once folded I was able to use the smaller part to make a little stand on the inside of the big part:

Don't forget to stamp BEFORE you assemble the box!  I also punched a hole at the top so I could add a ribbon tab:

I used a chicken wire transparency for the outside of the box.  The regular slider that comes with the die was too wide (since I wanted the box to stand upright), so I just cut, scored, and folded it to fit.

This ensemble would be PERFECT as a teacher gift.  I always love having magnets to put on the side of my desk (especially when the kiddos make me cute drawings at recess), and I use antibacterial stuff ALL the time!  Since I teach music, we are always sharing instruments and holding hands for dances/games...and I often end up sticky, lol. Who knows where their little hands have been!?

I've got to send you on your way now...please scurry along to:
Clear and Simple Stamps

My Utility Belt (tools I use often!)


  1. love! the colors are making me happy, and the way you transformed the box is incredible!

  2. This is so clean (ha ha) and fun but what I love most is that chicken wire transparency. How cool is that. Pretty cool die to make the box too, now that I think about it...

  3. Adorable!! I love those butterflies, too.

  4. Such a great ensemble! I love the bright colors and how you used the transparency to make the sanitizer holder. Brilliant!

  5. This is cute! Love all the colorfully striped butterflies!

  6. Such cool projects! My fave is the hand sanitizer holder--perfect teacher gift!

  7. OK. You're just awesome. Plain awesome!!! The whole ensemble is amazing but that box is soooooo super duper trendy! :D

  8. UH that Chicken wire transparency is fantabulous! LOVE it! just FYI I received my CSS stamps FINALLY and now I just need some time to play with them hehe.

  9. This is such a super cute little set! Love it!

  10. This set is amazing!! Great details, great colours, all-round greatness!!


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