"you need more patterned paper"

My friend Wida recently left a comment on my blog, which included the statement, "you need more patterned paper in your life, you use it so well."

Not only is that an incredible compliment, coming from a woman who excels in the use of patterned paper, but it also made me laugh.  I have LOTS of patterned paper in my life- it just doesn't often end up on my projects!

In an attempt to use up some stash, I made this card:

The floral centerpiece was cut from patterned paper...although I got impatient partway through the cutting process! (booo...sloppy cutting!) It was tricky to get around all of those tight spots.  The sentiment is from Super Script, and I stamped it on a strip of cardstock mounted above and beneath the cut flowers. 

This card was certainly a departure for me, but I like how it came out.  For a more traditional "Jen" card, please check out the Altenew blog! :)


  1. I totally dig this, it is so awesome! A great departure, full of vitality and joy!!

  2. I guess Wida is right: you do use patterned papers well (if and when you do LOL), Love how your card turned out.

  3. Oh, I love how this card turned out, Jennifer! So beautiful!

  4. I agree 100% with Wida, LOVE how you use patterned paper! What a beautiful card!

  5. This is beautiful! Love it!

  6. EXcellent use of the patterned paper...kudo to your fussy cutting.

  7. You DO do (can I type that on a blog, no smut intended) patterned paper well. This is lovely. So's your card on the Altenew blog, in fact, it's stunningly gorgeous.

  8. I love that you are using the patterned paper in your life! So pretty, and that is some fancy cutting!

  9. Heehee! Wida is right!! I love your use of pattern paper!! Definitely need more PP in your life :)

  10. Your card is beautiful, Jen. I love the image from the patterned paper - can't remember ever seeing it on paper.


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