Embellish Babies

This Embellish Magazine challenge was a lot of fun! I'm really upset that the colors on the pic didn't come out right....I PROMISE that the colors in my card are exactly the same as in the inspiration photo. There is NO pink on my card! It's a shame that it appears as though there is.

Oh well...moving on....

I kept adding a sentiment, then removing it. I think the simplicity of the card with no sentiment is a lot more striking than how it looked with one slapped on there.

Grr...I keep looking at that pink in the photo...I might try to take another pic later in different light to prove that it is peach!!

UPDATE: Ok, after I posted, I did take a new pic. Obviously the composition is not as good as the originals (don't you love the anime in the background!?), but taking it inside near the window actually helped with the colors- I have no idea why. I think I need to learn more about photography!


  1. Aww this is SOOO cute! LOVE IT! Thanks for stopping by DRS Designs and leaving a comment!! Hope you will become a regular follower (if you havent already) and join in with us on the blog! Good luck! :) :) :)

  2. It's gorgeous either way! Love the layout and the stitching! and it's perfect without the sentiment! Super cute! Thanks so much for joining in on the Embellish Challenge!

  3. Beautiful card, Jennifer! I love the stitching! Thanks for playing along with us!


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