I usually try not to combine card challenges. I like to do each one individually, and really cater my card to what the challenge requires. Although today, I ended up combining 2 (EBTKS and C&S) since tomorrow I'll be headed to the Jersey shore for about a week-unable to craft, unable to enter challenges. I'm trying to squeeze in as many as I can before I leave!

I used this sketch:

and made the weaving with paper strips, and aluminum foil-covered paper strips. I like the shininess!


  1. This is very cool!! You rocked both of these challenges!

  2. OH MY! That is just terrific! So cute!

  3. More weaving! Fantastic job! Love your stitching, too!

  4. Oh WOW! This is a cool & fun card! Thanks for playing with us in the EBTKS challenge! :)

  5. woow this is really funtastic card...love your idea and great stitching...I just joining EBTKS challenge too and my card is number 34, maybe you would like to see my blog?Many thanks before, hugs, Monika

  6. Very clever!!! Congrats on your 'diva' status! :)


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