One Layer Wednesday 9

This week's challenge is to make a one layer card using a flourish. I decided to make a card about a half hour ago, and since it is so late, I was unable to take the pic with natural light. I have a hard enough time as is taking photos of my work, and today's pic is especially horrible- sorry! I promise the card looks a lot better in person!

The flourish is embossed in silver, and embellished with white pearls.


  1. Your card is beautiful !! I love your blog, you've got such amazing ideas, I love it !
    Have a nice shiny day !

  2. ooo this is so elegant!! I think your picture is fine, but I'm a horrible photographer so it would look ok to me!! I do love the card though!
    P.S. If you get a chance, come check out my challenge blog! This week’s challenge runs until Saturday night. I hope to see you there! xo Kelli

  3. Great card! Love the shiny silver against the black.

  4. I admire anyone who can emboss...I make the biggest mess when I've attempted it! This is a beautiful card!! Thanks for sharing!


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