DT Thursday...cupcakes!

Today is my day to post for My Thoughts Exactly. I hope you all saw that I added a new icon in my sidebar for our upcoming blog hop!

I have a set of 3 mini cards to share...the sentiments in the Sweet Thoughts set are the perfect size for mini cards!

I added some glitter to each of the cupcakes. Although tough to see in the straight-on picture, you can see it better below:
I've been doing more coloring on my cards recently too, and I am by no means skilled at it! I don't have Copics (I know you know that already....but just wanted to mention it in case there were some new visitors), so I'm limited to colored pencils. Sometimes I'm happy with how it comes out, and sometimes I'm not. This time, I think it went okay, hehe.

Make sure to visit my DT-mate Jessica, to check out what she made too!


  1. I'm not sure you need Copics if you can get such great shading with colored pencils. Great job with the cupcakes. Love the yellow striped paper too.

  2. So stinkin' cute! I love coloring with my colored pencils, I don't own copics either :)

  3. Too adorable! Love the coloring job that you did!


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