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This morning I made a card for this week's CASE Study challenge, a card by Julie Lacey. I love the kraft with black and white, the trees, and that ribbon. When I saw it, I immediately thought of a dress from the Libertine Spring 2012 Collection!

By the way, (in case you didn't know), I LOVE fashion. Check out my Etsy shop (link in sidebar) for proof. I love watching runway shows, I love Project Runway, and I love looking at beautiful clothes online. Not like I own any of them or anything. My budget dictates that I buy clothes from H&M. Or Marshalls. Or other cheapo places.

Well anyway, back to the fashion. This past week was New York Fashion Week. I have literally been spending all of my free time on line checking out every collection that walked every runway. I'm a bit obsessed. Which is why when I saw the CASE Study card, I knew I wanted to draw inspiration from it and that cool Libertine dress. Here's the result:

I think it would be cool if there was a challenge site that took inspiration from fashion. How does one go about starting a challenge blog anyway? Maybe one of you smarties out there will do it, and I'll totally play along....or you can put me on the DT :)


  1. Cool card. I have to shop at the cheapo places too, but don't often even get to shop for me.... CAS-ual Fridays did a challenge a while back on Color Blocking, it was also drawn from fashion, but I think you should start your own fashion inspiration challenge!

  2. Two sources of inspiration to make one gorgeous card!!!! Love it!
    I always find I shop at the cheaper places - it's all about the accessories that make a cheaper outfit look fabulous IMHO! :)
    Thanks for joining us on CASE study this week, girlie!

  3. Very cool card. I LOVE trees! I love how the case study led you back to the runway fashion. It doesn't make sense to waste money on clothes that can be purchased cheaper. I used to buy dresses from a small neighborhood shop that bought directly from NY. They sold their dresses for about $75 each (some less). In the local department stores some of those exact (designer) dresses sold for over $300.00 each. So overpriced! I'll be back! : )

  4. This just rocks Jennifer! I LOVE the card, so perfect! I think I need that stamp now {wink}.

  5. That is one seriously cool design....and the dress is pretty smart too :)
    Jenny x

  6. I think you've nailed your case card and dress!! Superb card and I love your idea of a challenge blog around fashion. I often look at High Street shop windows for inspiration on colours, patterns. Not that I've put any into practice yet! But they are lurking in the background. x

  7. Gorgeous! Love that you're looking to personal fashion instead of home fashion, like so many of us. No wonder your cards seem so fresh!

  8. That's a fabulous idea! You should do it!! Looks like you'd have a bunch of people playing along!
    Love the card!

  9. Gorgeous card and that dress rocks!

  10. Super beautiful, Jen...black and white is just the epitome of elegance! Thanks for joining us at CASE Study!

  11. Stunning, this card looks so stylish (just like the dress).


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