make a big wish.

(this is my 3rd post today...if you're looking for the SP and Co giveaway post, click HERE)

I'm so glad I was able to find time to play with the embellish challenge, above. I don't own any spray mists, so I went with paint.

I drew the butterfly onto some bristol paper, went over my sketch lines with a fine black marker (micron), then painted it in with watercolors.

I almost didn't want to post it, because I know I could do a better job with the butterfly if I tried harder, hehe. I guess you should just squint when you look at it, to blur out the imperfections (or maybe I'm the only one that sees them? Let's hope...)


  1. Such a cool card Jennifer! I love that butterfly and it's awesome shadow! Great work!

  2. Oh fun.... will post my last minute entry for this challenge as soon as the sun is up.

  3. Beautiful!!!! Lovin' that shadow that totally balanced the card to perfection!

  4. This is absolutely lovely! I'm so glad you posted it!

  5. See, I saw that butterfly and thought the coloring was intentional. I dig it, especially with the shadow.

  6. No need for squinting! It's a beautiful butterfly, I think this is an amazingly precious card that I would hang on my wall, art from the heart:)

  7. Your butterfly is beautiful. Love the coloring and the cool shadow....


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