Gallery Idol, Round 4

Good afternoon! Today I am sharing my card for the 4th round of Paper Craft's Gallery Idol.  I am soooo excited to still be competing!  A big thanks to anyone who might have voted for me in round 3 :)

The theme for this round is "household items."  I have to be honest that this round has been the trickiest thus far.  I had considered using a sponge (cut up into millions of teeny tiny pieces and glued onto the card), a paintbrush (bristles cut off and re-used somehow), and more.  After much debate, I finally settled on a few items:  shelf liner, plastic bags, and a Q-tip.  Let me show you the finished card first, then give you a step-by-step.

The black part is the rubbery shelf liner:
(from the dollar store...I'm cheap, what can I say?!?)

The feather was a bit more complicated.  I started off by taking a plastic shopping bag (I used the bag I got when I purchased the shelf liner!) and I cut it up into strips.  I'd say they were about 6 inches long by a half inch wide- but it really doesn't matter.  Mine were inconsistent, and they worked fine:

Next, I prepped the Q-tip by taking off the cotton from either end:

Once you have stripped your Q-tip, start to tie on the plastic strips:

Again, I'm not going for perfection here- I just double-knotted each one, making sure it was tightly secured.

Here's what it looks like with about half tied on:
(lovely, huh?!)

Once you have bag strips tied on almost to the bottom, you'll want to start gluing.  Since I was making this up as I went along, I have no advice other than to glob it on, then smooth it out.  You want all of the bag pieces to stick together:
(augh...look at my fingernails. I always wish I could have long perfectly manicured nails, but alas, what you see above are viola-playing fingers. Stumpy nails and calluses!)

After the glue has dried, you can go back and trim with scissors to make a nice feather shape.  I intentionally made mine a bit imperfect by cutting out a few notches from the side, and separating the bag pieces.  I also bent the Q-tip a bit into a more natural shape:

Here's another look at the finished card:

We're getting closer to the end of the competition, so it is even more important that you take the time to vote!  Contest information can be found here, and if you think you want to vote for my card you can get a direct link to my entry HERE or in my sidebar.

So glad you could stop by!


  1. You are just so clever! That feather is amazing! LOVE, and thanks for sharing the tutorial. What a great texture the shelf liner is too!

  2. Great job thinking outside of the box! Best of luck in the next round!

  3. when you emailed me your list of house-hold items, I was already in awe. But the whole card is even more fantastic!

  4. The feather is genius Jen!!!! Thank you for the tutorial on the how-to! I considered shelf liner too but quickly scraped it and soo glad I did! I love how you just used one strip of it!!! You're awesome!!!

  5. Wow!! everything is just amazing.Beautiful card.

  6. Very clever and inventive! Best of luck to you!!

  7. I love the tutorial..would never in a million years be able to come up with an idea like this!

  8. Very clever Jennifer, I just love the feather, it looks great!!

  9. wow, you really have thought outside the box for this challenge! Love the monochrome and pop of red!

  10. Way to rock the household items, Jen! Got everything crossed for ya to make it to the final!!!

  11. Fabulous card, Jennifer! Great use of fun products!!!

  12. Love it! And love what you used to make this card! So cool!

  13. I'm amazed! Q-tips and shopping bags? You amaze me!

  14. amazing card, Jen. vote for you. good luck.

  15. BRILLIANCE !!!!

    Good Luck Jen...

    p.s. off to vote for yr clever idea !

  16. Oh so clever! I love the look of the $ store item! WTG - GOOD LUCK!!

  17. Totally cool and unexpected, Jen! Congrats on making the Top 10, and good luck!

  18. So amazing, Jen. Good Luck! girl.

  19. You are so creative Jennifer! I love how you did that feather...such a great card too!

  20. Wow - how clever, the feather is amazing :)


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