A thank you, and an explanation

Hey there!  A few things are in order this evening:

(I hope you can see the "thanks" imprinted in the card above- it looks awesome in real life, but was very hard to photograph!)

I wanted to thank everyone for your support during Gallery Idol.  I was thrilled to make it to the top 10, and it was so much fun to challenge myself each week!  I am now curious like the rest of you to see who is going to win tomorrow....I know I have my favorite :)

I also wanted to explain my absence as of late.  Now, some of you might not have even noticed a difference, but a few of you have emailed or messaged me asking why I have been posting less.  The reason is, I have been really busy! I know I have probably mentioned some of this already, but I figured I'd put it all here in one spot in case you were curious.

  1. The end of the school year is always crazy- tying up loose ends, performances, scheduling for next year, cleaning up, etc.  
  2. Although school ended last Thursday, and technically I am on summer vacation, I am still just as busy (if not busier!) than before.  I am taking classes towards my masters, and the program that I am in takes place over 3 summers- this will be my 2nd.  Coursework started online in the beginning of June, and next week I will be on campus full time....and all this week I have been catching up on homework!
  3. I have been working on some secret card crafty stuff :)
  4. I am illustrating a book!  I'm not sure how much I am at liberty to discuss, but a lot of my time has been spent drawing and painting, making edits to my work, checking in with the publisher, etc.  
You'll still see me posting for my DTs (Clear and Simple Stamps, My Thoughts Exactly, Young Crafters Unite), and of course for my challenge, the Runway Inspired Challenge.

I also need to let you know that I will be doing less commenting on blogs, and will be slower at answering emails for the above reasons....sorry!

Below are the products I used on my card, from Clear and Simple Stamps.  (patterned cardstock from SEI) Goodnight, everyone!


  1. Stunning card, best of luck in your new endeavors.

  2. You have your hands deep in creativity and I am excited for you. The secret crafty stuff has me curious. By the way, you are a fierce competitor JRZA and I am glad to have done battle with you, it was fun to go against the master.

    Your Student in Blog Land,

  3. Gorgeous Jennifer! And way to go on all of your fabulous accomplishments and hard work!

  4. Fantastic card! That's a great alphabet to emboss -- such a clean look.

    And I'm happy to hear that you're busy with things you love. Even if it means seeing less of you and your work online.

  5. Amazing project and amazing reasons for being busy! Good Luck!

  6. Oh I can see the 'thanks' and it looks fabulous on screen so I bet it's awesome IRL!
    I'm still the salmon swimming against the deadline of tying up loose ends for summer (school finishes in 3 weeks and I've got so much to do still!) Best of luck on your classes this summer (and next!).
    LOVE the news about you illustrating a book!!!! How exciting!!!! I'm sure you're not allowed to give sneak peeks but if it's anything like your fashion related sketches, I know you'll do an awesome job!
    Take care, my fellow paper-crafting, comptuer gaming buddy! ♥

  7. A book?! Jen, that is absolutely wonderful! Congrats - I am so excited for you!!! And that card is stunning!

  8. The card turned out great...and I can see the thanks...it looks so cool! You are one busy girl! I can't believe you didn't tell us about illustrating for a book...that is amazing! I want more details next time we get together :)

  9. Wish you all the best Jennifer!

  10. Best wishes on the book. That is very exciting. I can't wait to feast my eyes on it. I'm so happy for you!

  11. LOVE that butterfly Jennifer! Such a pretty CAS card!

  12. Congrats to you and best of luck with the book!

  13. Just keep swimming girl. You are doing a great job! It's hard to keep all those balls in the air --- only a woman could do it! Kudus on all your hard work.


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