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Today I have a new Runway Inspired Challenge for you!

I'm a total shoe girl...and I would wear these in A SECOND!  I love the odd mix of colors, and that amazing shine.  I thought it would be fun for us to use a shoe inspiration this time around- if it goes well, I can have another shoe challenge in the future!

I loved the color combo, as well as the fastener at the top, so I included those on my card.  The background was assembled from strips of paper (the green came from a paint swatch!)

I would love it if you would stop by the DT to see their awesome cards, and play along for your chance to win a prize from the Ribbon Carousel!


  1. love love love these stripes!!!

  2. Terrific Card Jennifer !!
    Love the stripes.

    Riti :o)

  3. Love those gorgeous stripes!

  4. Oh, that card positively sings to me! The colors, the stripes, the clean design. Fantastic. And so are those wicked shoes. Wow.

    - Rebecca, aka denali

  5. Oh $#%t I love those shoes and your card.

  6. This is so sleek and sophisticated, Jen. Love this color combo and the clever added detail of the fastener on the white strip.

  7. What a beautiful take on the photo! Very awesome! :)

  8. this is SO lovely Jennifer! I love the design! Super pretty!

  9. I love this card, Jen! I keep coming back to look at it again and again! I love, love, love those stripes. :-)


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