New CSS Colors!!

Hooray! Exciting news from Clear and Simple Stamps:
  • Clear and Simple Stamps has made the choice to "go green" and revitalize the CSS current color line. You will see a few new colors and some vintage colors no longer being offered, in an effort to provide product made from renewable contents. All of the color coordinated products are made in the USA. The paper comes from mills that practice responsible, sustainable forestry while manufacturing the highest quality paper products on the market. These mills are powered by renewable energy sources, and our paper products are made of 100% recycled content with 30% PCW (post-consumer waste). We are very pleased to announce our commitment to incorporate environmental practices into our daily crafting.
Awesome, huh?  Check out the new color line below (click for larger pdf)
This means coordinating ink, refills, cardstock, envelopes, and gift wrap!  They are even releasing envelope liner dies (A2 and A4) to match.

I am a HUGE fan of the new color "I Steel Got It"...it is the perfect grey.  Using the new gift wrap and cardstock, I wrapped up a present and made a matching card:

You would not believe how long it took me to figure out how to make a Christmas tree shape out of all the jars!  I think I have about 8 crumpled up pieces of scrap paper in my trash with different configurations!  After all of the trial and error, I'm really happy with how it came out.  I embossed them in white to contrast with the beautiful grey color.

Bonus project!
I was so excited when I got my sampler pack of the new CSS colors that I immediately made a color swatch key ring!  I've got it on a little hook next to my desk so it is always nearby :)

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Debby (Guest Designer)
Clear and Simple Stamps


  1. Love the white embossing! I dig the card with the two sides being a different color. I've gotta try that. Look at that swatch book!

  2. Love the white embossing on the steel color!

  3. Ohhh just love your keychain swatch- great idea!!

  4. it IS the perfect grey - and obviously we're of one mind since we both picked it :). I absolutely love your perfect white embossing - and the red bling is the perfect bonus touch.

  5. Oh helloooooooooo perfect grey! And a grey with a pun - I must have this cardstock!!!!
    A Christmas tree made from jars? Genius!

  6. That's some exciting news! I will definitely be checking out their cardstock and other products now. I just love your clever stamping and the gorgeous pops of red on the grey background!

  7. That tree is awesome! Love the look of the embossing against the gray paper.

  8. Incredibly gorgeous color and with that white embossing in a tree shape I'm in awe Jen! WOW.

  9. Love the new color gray and your card, Jen!

  10. I saw this card in the article on Wida's blog ... first of all, thanks for sharing so much of your insight and inspiration. Secondly, I am madly in love with your apothecary jar Christmas tree. I'm convinced only a highly creative mind would ever come up with that. Love it!!!


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