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My friend Andrea (who I teach with) wanted me to make her some thank you cards that her son can give to his daycare teachers.  Here's one of the ones I made for her:

I bought that Air Vent die a few weeks ago, and have not used it until now!  I really like the look (and I added a light grey panel on the inside not only for contrast, but so when she fills it out she knows not to write below the white part) - the only problem was that I couldn't get it to cut all the way through in the center.  Other than adding a shim (which I tried), do you have any tips?

I'm entering this to the Moxie Fab World's alphabet stickers challenge. :)


  1. Cute card! For your die, are you using a metal shim? I have found the metal shim to be the most effective in getting an intricate die to cut all the way through. Sometimes you still have to add a piece of cardstock as well. HTH

  2. Oh fabulous...that die is beyond awesome!!

  3. This is a wonderful card, so beautifully balanced. Lately,I've been having a lot of trouble getting clean cuts with my dies and have tried both metal and paper shims and running the sandwich back-and-forth through the machine about 500 times. I think that I need a new machine since nothing helps.

  4. Another beauty. Maybe you need new plates? And I just read a tip in PC today about putting wax paper between the die and cs (I think that was it) to help with clean cuts. ??? I usually just take an exacto and finish off what didn't go through.


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