Good Morning!  Today I am happy to share the next Runway Inspired Challenge!

source: thegloss.com

Oh my...that purse is hilarious, isn't it?!?  I believe it's a beach bag big enough for everything you take with you.  Even so...it looks so out of proportion!  I thought there were a lot of cool design elements that you could use to inspire your creation.

I was inspired by the black circular handle, the stripes in the soles of her shoes, and the black/white/red colors.

I took this photo on a mirror-y placemat- is the reflection cool or distracting? I couldn't decide.

I was also inspired by Kristina's day 8 card (circle, "joy," simple color scheme).

We have a prize from Simon Says Stamp and some great samples from the DT. Hope you can play along! 
Cristina Kowalczyk - My Paper Secret
Laura Bassen - Doublestick Heaven
Sarah Jay - Criminal Grace


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Jennifer! I really love this card.

  2. The reflection is definitely cool! Love your take on the inspiration...so beautiful!

  3. stunning...love the pop of red with the berries.

  4. The card is oh-so-cool even without the inspiration photo! The reflection is wonderful. And I'd love to know which wreath stamp and which PP that is?

  5. This card is very beautiful and elegant! Cool colors and I love the use of the vellum strip!

  6. SO COOL!!!!!!! I love the layout, Jen!

    If the mirror is too much you can try a piece of acetate, which gives the same effect, just less dramatic. :)

  7. What a beautiful card! Is that a stamped background or patterned paper?

  8. First of all, I love the look of the mirror under the card! Not distracting at all :) And the card...wow is it breathtaking! I just love it :) And that purse...HAHAHAHAHA

  9. wow Jennifer! This is so stunning and beautiful! I LOVE the whole design of the card and the way you did the sentiment! It. looks. wonderful.

  10. I thought the purse was there to cover her nakedness. I'd hide behind it too if I showed that much leg. ;)
    I LOVE your wreath card AND the reflection~it's very dramatic..the perfect card for it.


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