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Today, myself and the other Clear and Simple Stamps gals are posting projects we made that were inspired by something we found on Pinterest!

As much as I love browsing Pinterest, I can't stand when people don't properly source the images they find.  So, here you'll find the pin, and HERE is the link to the baker's website- you should browse around, because there are other inspiring treats over there too! :)

My card was a literal interpretation- although I simplified the flowers by only using one stamp- partially to keep the card from getting too busy or requiring masking, but also because I really only had one CSS stamp the correct size (note: CSS has some amazing floral images that would also work!  I love card designs like this where you can adjust it based on supplies you have on hand).

The real star of the show, however, is the banner!  Check it out:

(and yes, I'm at it again with the glitter paper- not just so I can submit it to the Moxie Fab challenge, but because I'm obsessed with it! hehe)

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Please go visit my friends too :)

My Utility Belt (tools I use often!)


  1. Ivevseen this image on Pinterest before - love your interpretation of it Jen! That banner is so awesome too!!

  2. Love this Jen! The card is perfect!!!

  3. First I think you've designed my wedding dress on a previous post, now I think you've designed my cake! LOL!
    Fabulous take on your inspiring pin! :)

  4. Isn't that cake amazing? Love your take on this beautiful card, Jennifer. :)

  5. Just beautiful! Love how you translated the elements from that cake to your card.

  6. Stunning card, Jennifer! Your gold chevron is the perfect touch and I love the banner! Loving the gold glitter paper, too...what a great thing to be obsessed with :-)

  7. Jennifer, as always I am in awe over how beautiful your work is. And yes, it is very irritating that folks don't properly source their 'pins'. Isn't that the whole point of interest?
    Anyways, I just love your card! Your cake image does look just like the inspirational photo! bravo on creating a perfectly gorgeous wedding card.
    hugs, sharon w.

  8. Hey Jen! Thanks for linking this up to the All That Gitters is Gold challenge in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)


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