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Good evening,

Amidst my costume preparations for New York Comic Con (yes, of course I'm cosplaying again!), I had some time to put together a card inspired by miss Laura Bassen!  I was a guest on the OCC's Insider class, and Laura made an awesome card with feathers and some negative die cutting- I wanted to get in on the action! :)

This first picture is kind of confusing to look at (my lighting was on the right-hand side of the card, completely blowing out and overexposing the colors on the inside of the card)- you can get a better look on the two photos following it....

I love this...I think it looks so cute!  Thanks for visiting!

My Utility Belt (tools I use often!)


  1. Yep Laura's card was total and utter genius and I think I'll be trying something similar myself! Love your take on her technique - totally has your own look and spin on it and it totally rocks!

  2. Gorgeous!!! I think I might die if I don't get one of those label makers, like now! I can't wait to see your costume this year!

  3. So pretty! I love the blue of the inside, it kind of glows!

  4. You rock, honey! I'm also sticking my hand up to see what you wear this year :)

  5. This is better than cute...it's lovely.


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