my inner Maile

Last Sunday's Studio Calico challenge was to make a card using the following sketch, based on a card by Maile Belles:

Awesome sketch, as it should be- Maile is totally awesome.  I didn't want to use the sketch exactly as-is, so I used it in landscape orientation instead of portrait.  Here's the result:

I think she invented that skewed card panel thing- every time I see someone do it, I think of her....and when I look at my card, that's all I can think of too!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

My Utility Belt (tools I use often!)


  1. Wow ! Simple but amazing ! I love it !

  2. Gorgeous card and very Maile. So glad it wasn't your inner Miley. I guess we've pretty much seen the whole outer Miley. lol! Enjoy your day! (Loved your cosplay post the other day!)

  3. Love that patterned paper and the flair - you did Mailes proud!

  4. You channelled your inner Mails sooooooo well! Love this! LOVE! :D

  5. The inner Maile is totally WORKING! Love this so much, Jen! What a wonderful interpretation with that sketch!


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