Good morning! I hope you folks in the US enjoyed the 3 day weekend (if you were lucky enough to get one).   I had an AMAZING time at New York Comic Con!!

Today there is a great new Runway Inspired Challenge.  Check it out:

source: style.com

Did you know that L.A.M.B is Gwen Stefani's label?  I've always thought she was the coolest person- back in the 90s I wanted to be her! ha!

The first thing I saw in the inspiration?  Rorschach test!  I tried to recreate one with some butterflies and splatter:

I had die cut the butterflies from cardstock, then used it as a mask for some sponged ink and paint splatter...

I kind of like how the dirty mask looks too! hehe.

Please go check out the challenge (and play along!), and see what the other designers created:
Guest Designer - Jocelyn Olson
Tasnim Ahmed - Cards & Bookmarks
Virginia (Yes, Virginia...)
Nina Yang - Waffle Flower
Joni Andaya - Papell with Love
Wida Miller-Beachorado
Pamela Ho - miao

My Utility Belt (tools I use often!)


  1. Love the effect of that sponging and splatter!! Awesome and unique as always Jen!

  2. Splendid work with the Rorschach test, Jen! Love the sponging and spatter on the butterflies. Got to play this one:)

  3. Beautifully done, Jen! I really love the look of those butterflies.

  4. I love how your brain ticks! I'm seeing butterflies... that doesn't make me insane, right? ;P

  5. Rorschach! Brilliant! I love this card, so graphic, and cool, and modern, and there's such a great texture from the inking/spraying!

  6. Hi Jen, your card is so Fabulous! Love the butterfly splatter! The Rorschach test Amazing :)

  7. Very cool Rorschach card. Love those butterflies and the red banners. Really wonderful. Bev

  8. LOVE the dramatic effect from the sponging and paint splatter! Totally stunning!

  9. Awesome! I love to see your take on this challenge, each and every time. You could totally use the negative on another project.

  10. loving the butterflies Jennifer! Very pretty! When do we get to see your NYCC photos?! :)


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