Winter Blessings

Today I am being featured on the Clear and Simple Stamps blog!  I made a cute Christmas card using some of my favorite CSS goodies :)  Check it out:

Start by drawing a line down the midpoint of your card, then a horizontal card across (where they intersect will be the center of your wreath)

Next, use a leafy image to stamp around in a circle, using the guidelines you drew to keep everything symmetrical (eww, sorry my stained block looks so gross in this pic)

Once your wreath is stamped, erase your guidelines

Next, stamp and cut the cute pine cones!

I used the Edgers 4 die to cut a border from texty patterned paper

I also cut a strip of green glitter to adhere to the bottom of the card.  It didn't quite match my green ink, so I colored over it with a yellow marker to make it match!

Next, poke a hole near the top of the wreath, and tie on a piece of glittery embroidery floss

Stamp and die cut the banner/sentiment, and that's it!  Here's a close-up, so you can see the details:


  1. Amazing card Jen !! love how you have created the wreath, thanks to share the process !!

  2. Fantastic detail here Jen, love all the little extra touches and you explained your process so perfectly too! :-)

  3. Gorgeous classic and elegant card! Love it!

  4. Lovely card, thanks for the pic tutorial!!

  5. Congratulations, Jennifer on becoming Stamping Royalty! I hope to try one day. :-) Keep up your good work. And love the pine cone card!


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