Wednesday Wishlist

Ooooh...time for a new wishlist! :)

Designed by the lovely Miss Nina Yang!  This won't be available to purchase until the 5th, but the sneaks have already gotten me excited about it!  Check out Nina's blog for a video tutorial.

My brother just recently purchased a one month membership (currently on sale for about $15!).  It gives you access to MANY high-quality photography and editing video tutorials.  We watched a few this past weekend, and they are great!  I think I'll be too busy this month to get the most out of it, but I'll probably buy a month in early 2014!

I'm currently a dye-ink-only kind of gal, but I think I'm ready to take the plunge into pigment.  Are these the ones I should be buying?  Input, please! :)

I think I need some cardstock like this in my life.

Aww, look at these little guys!  They have a trendy gold+pastel thing going on!

What's on your wishlist this week?


  1. Interesting about the course thing, will have to check it out. As for Luxe - YES! But there aren't enough colours. So you'll need some others as well. ;-) I live the A:Muse/Fresh inks, which are the same formula used by Mama Elephant et al. Try them! Thank me later!

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  3. Great list! I have about six of the Luxe inks, and I love them. I also have a couple of the new Mama Elephant inks (with another on the way), and they're great, too. Until a couple of months ago I purely had die inks, and I'm glad I've taken the plunge to pigment. :-) I still love my die inks, too. ;-)

  4. Oh, I should mention - keep an eye on Blitsy. That is where I picked up my Luxe inks at a very good price.

  5. I use Angel Pink, Rose bud, and Love Letter luxe a lot!

  6. Memento Luxe ink is the bomb. Just used it on a solid circle stamp that I tried no less than 3 other pigment inks on and failed. Luxe did it in one pass. Love it. Incidentally, woodgrain paper and that new die is fabulous too.

  7. I too was all dye ink until I bought five memento luxe inks. The result: I wish I had bought more colors during that sale!! ($4 each)
    The way they stamp is amazing, the coverage is nothing like any dye ink, and the colors are so vibrant!
    Definitely give them a try :)


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