Well, here we are- the end of 2013.  It's been a good one!!  Here are some things that happened this year....

  • I was invited to try out to be a Go-To Gal!  Although I didn't make the cut, I was honored to have been selected to participate, and to have made it quite far in the process
  • The lovely gals at Online Card Classes continue to ask me to be a guest teacher...I love it, and I love making videos!
  • Speaking of videos, my YouTube channel is finally starting to see some action :)
  • I participated in the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol competition for the third year in a row!  And I lost...for the 3rd year in a row...haha
  • I was crowned as Stamping Royalty! (see pic below)
  • I contributed to the 2014 Hero Arts Catalog!! Oh my gosh! I'm so happy to be in it.
  • I finished grad school!  Not only am I proud to be a Master of Music (ooh, cool title), but I won't be taking classes this summer...so that means more crafting! :)

Below are all of the projects I blogged about this year (of course there were other things I made that never appeared at Our Change of Art, but this is most of it).  I used a web service to make the collages- hopefully you will be able to see a larger photo of each project by rolling your mouse over it.













Here are some links to my other end-of-year posts:

In the new year, I hope to spend some more time commenting on my friends' blogs, and see if I can stretch my creativity.  See you in 2014!!


  1. Congrats on a fantastic year! The web service worked, I can see all the great images in a size to see clearly. Love all the cards & its fun to see it all put together like this.

  2. Dude, you are amazing. Your work is amazing. Your accomplishments are amazing. Your year was... amazing!! YAY!! Congratulations on so many highly noted accomplishments, and I cannot WAIT to see you rock 2014!!!

    PS: that web service is totally cool and I need to use that.

  3. You were invited to be a Go-to Gal!!!! I wish you had been made one, you would have been wonderful! Loving seeing all the projects from the year! They are all beautiful! Happy New Year! :)

  4. You are just generally awesome! You should really print up your collages and put them in a book! Happy New Year Jen!

  5. Oh I adore the web service you used for this! What is it?? Very cool~ Happy New Year~ I am looking forward to seeing your 2014 creations and oh yeah - congrats on your MOM - :)

  6. Wonderful collage :)

    and congrats on all the good things in life! here's wishing you have another fantastic year

  7. Love each one Jen! You are so Awesome with all these projects! Congratulations to all your accomplishments! Happy New Year! Oh... btw, thank you for the Fab card to sent me! Love all the inking and splatters, my fave!

  8. Love this post...love your style!
    happy new year!

  9. Yeah, Jen! I love seeing this post each year--it's great to see your entire collection of blog cards. :) You've had an awesome blog year, and big congrats on your Master of Music!

  10. Wow, what fabulous projects in 2013! Looking forward to 2014's :)

  11. Magnificent achievements, Jen! Dare I say that you are an amazing overachiever? Congrats! Looking forward to seeing more of your awesomeness in 2014!


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