Hey folks!  Check out the lovely inspiration we have for you this week at the Runway Inspired Challenge!

source: style.com

As always, you know I totally want that dress and would wear it in a second!  I'm not typically an orange person, but I sure would make an exception for this dress. 

I used a loose watercolor style to paint a bunch of flowers in the same colors as the dress.  My red sentiment strip mimics the belt she's wearing- you wouldn't believe how long I mulled over the exact placement of the strip, and I'm still not 100% happy with it!   The sentiment is from the Many Thanks set.

Please visit my talented DT:

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Gayatri Murali - Handmade By G3
Lindsay- Note To Self
Tasnim Ahmed - Cards & Bookmarks

Have a great Tuesday :)


  1. BEAUTIFUL card, Jen! And I would wear that dress in a flash, also! The placement of the red sentiment strip looks perfect to me, lol! I'm wondering where you would shift it? A micro-millimetre up?

  2. What a beautiful card, Jen! Love, love your water colored flowers! and the red strip, so striking and cool! I totally feel you about the placement issue, but I think it looks great :)

  3. That bunch of flowers is so pretty, love this!

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