something a bit different

I really slacked off on the Christmas cards this year!  I typically make over 100, and this year I'll be lucky if I have more than 10!!

For this card, I ventured a bit out of my comfort zone.  It's for a friend who (I think) would like this style, so I just went for it!

The flower is from the new Altenew set, Vintage Roses.  I die cut the word "Joy" from glitter paper, and then went to town with "extras" such as a little bag (thanks, Jingle!), paper sequins, splatter, and an embossed card base.

Since I only managed to make a handful of cards this year, Dave and I decided to do a photo card!  We've never done one before, so it was fun to have a little photo shoot.  We took the tripod and the camera remote out to a tree farm, and had so much fun snapping pics!!

We had so many great shots, that we chose 4.  Different friends and family members will be getting different cards...fun!

Yeah, we're weird.  

If I don't post before Christmas, I wish you all a happy holiday and New Year!


  1. These photo cards are too adorable!!!

  2. The card is gorgeous! It is not your normal style, but I like it! And you guys are just too. much. fun. I love the first and the last one! They make me smile!

  3. I really like the 2nd one. You guys are so adorable. Merry Christmas!!

  4. If you printed them in wallet size it would be like trading cards.

  5. i love them all! you are a cool kid...reminds me of the song :)

  6. Great photo cards. And lovely card. Love the chevrons on the bag.
    Happy Holidays to you too.

  7. So much fun in those cards! So cool!

  8. Your card is AWESOME! Love it! And your Holiday cards are just too fun!

  9. Such a great card ....and your photos, LOVE them.

  10. All the best for 2015! Your photo cards are fantastic. Love your jacket. Makes the photo. (But you already knew that😉)

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