Whoops, this post should have gone up yesterday!

This year my blog saw the least amount of love since I started it years ago.  I created less cards than ever this year, and have apologized numerous times for my absences!  But, I'd say it was for good reason!  Here's what I was up to in 2014:

  • I started a stamp company (Altenew) with my friend Tasnim!  This was the biggest reason for the lack of card making - I have been designing stamp sets!  It's like a dream come true  :)  I took a lot of time to learn Illustrator, and feel like I am still trying to get the hang of it.  I've always been a paper-and-pencil person when it comes to sketching!
  • My friends Jennifer and Kristina keep asking me to teach at Online Card Classes- I love that!
  • Speaking of, I even hosted my own class!  What started out as an idea and an email to Jennifer McGuire (telling her that watercolor is awesome, and my ideas for the class) turned into Watercolor for Card Makers.  LOVE!
  • I also started teaching at Paper Crafters Library.  It's a great place with thousands of video tutorials, you should check it out!  If you were wondering why I have not updated YouTube in a while, it's because my videos keep going to OCC and PCL, hehe.
  • The Runway Inspired Challenge is going strong, and only days away from our 75th challenge! Thanks for all of the support :)

Here's an overview of the projects I blogged about this year - hover over the pics to view them larger (you may need to view this post on ourchangeofart.blogspot.com to see the collages). The ones with gold backgrounds are cards I made that were posted on the Altenew blog.













This year, I hope to get more videos posted to my YouTube channel, work on becoming a better photographer, post more to this blog, and *gasp* start scrapbooking!  Not sure if I'll share the scrapbook pages here, but I'll keep you all posted on how it goes.   Happy 2015!!



  1. beautiful cards! I've watched your videos on OCC :)

  2. I love your cards, love the new stamps and have to really stop myself from buying every single one. Its very hard, I have quite a few but of course never ever enough.

    Just wanted to say if you ever need a hand with illustrator I am happy to help out. I have been using it for years, draw sign language graphics for books and resources. Self taught over the years and love the program. In Australia but can always skype if you need help.

    Cheers. Aileen

  3. love the review and love hearing about all your accomplishments...looking forward to more big things from you in 2015!!!!!

  4. What a FRUITFUL year, Jen! Your creativity and talent really shine through in all the happenings in 2014. I am lucky to receive one of your gorgeous cards! You continue to amaze me! Wish you and hubby all the best in 2015!

  5. Such beautiful cards, Jen. I could stare at this post all day long. :-) Happy New Year! I can't wait to see what 2015 brings!

  6. What a wonderfully productive and creative year you have had! Your body of work is very impressive and I know you MUST be proud. I love following your blog and being inspired, thank you! Happy New Year!

  7. I would say that 2014 was a pretty great year by the looks of things. I love seeing all that your created over the past 12 months and can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for 2015!

  8. Ha, you still managed to create a lot more cards than I did and I did not do any of your other crafty activities either. Looking forward to what 2015 may bring. Happy New Year, Jennifer!

  9. I LURVE ALL of your cards and your AWESOME stamps!! Happy New Year!!

  10. gasp - these are all so striking, Jennifer! A truly wonderful year for you and Tasnim too, I couldn't be happier. I sure hope you reconsider about sharing your scrapbooking pages ... I would absolutely LOVE to see them!!!

  11. Another amazing year by Jen! So proud of you. Everything is incredible.

  12. Your cards are amazingly stunning and I LOVE Altenew. Glad to "meet" the woman behind the genius. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

  13. You've had a busy and genius year! Congrats on your success. I met Tasnim at the Altenew booth today and wow, you all are rockin' it. The moon stamp you designed is GENIUS!

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