the card that doesn't make sense...

So by now you must know how much I fret over the One-Layer Wednesday challenges. This one was no exception! The challenge is to use a picture from Marta Dansie's Pintrest for inspiration.

I loved this photo, and knew I could make those buttons one-layer with a circle stamp and a marker. I chose a color scheme I liked, then picked a letter of the alphabet.

I went with "H" so that the sentiment could be "Hello." Seems fine, right? Well, when I was done, it seriously looked like a baby card. Luckily I have a baby sentiment that starts with the letter "H," but I don't think that helped the card make any more sense. Unless someone is having a baby named Henry....


  1. What a great idea and your color scheme is fabulous!

  2. That is a fabulous card for the occasion


  3. sweet card...love the colors!

  4. Jennifer...you're definitely too hard on yourself! I love the colors you've chosen...and they don't say "baby" to me...although it works just as well for a baby. Beautiful colors...and well done!

  5. Fab card, I love the way you created the buttons on a OLC x

  6. So creative, and so darn cute!!

  7. I love this idea for a one layer card, especially with all of the great vintage button stamps out there now. Your color scheme is fresh and lovely, not necessarily babyish. But you're right. Any time you use buttons and pastel colors you run the risk of your project reading "baby" because the cute as a button theme is so popular right now.


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