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Hey there! I have been sooooo busy recently- sewing my costume for Comic-Con! Newbies to my blog may not know the full extent of my geekiness, but it includes dressing up in costume to go to conventions. It's a world far from paper crafting, but I love it nonetheless!

New York Comic Con is this weekend, and I am dressing up as Rogue from X-Men, and my husband is going as Gambit. I'll see if I can get some good pics to share with you guys (if any of you care, that is....)

Today I made another card inspired by Kristina Werner's amazing Holiday Card Series. The one below is card #4 (I know...I'm really behind!)

Love the bold trees, and the cool layout. Here's my take:

I love that this card also fits the sketch at clean&simple. Cool!


  1. I think it is totally cool that you like to go to Comic-Con! I for one would love to see pics!

    I loooove your version of Kristina's card! LOVE. The colors and everything! Love!

  2. Loving your cards and definitely want to see you guys in costume. I'm so impressed you're making your own! :)

  3. Love the untraditional holiday colours! I hope you do post some pics for us to see! Have a fun weekend!

  4. Crisp, clean and fabulous! Love the baker's twine accents! Hope Comic-Con was a blast! :)

  5. Wow - love this clean and crisp trees. Fabulous colours.


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